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MOVIE - What is Weather?

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Noaa Photo Library

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Understanding Lightning

Lightning Photos

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Air Pollution

Clean Air Kids

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Glacier Movie

42 Explore Glaciers

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Glaciers of Greenland

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Cool Clouds for Kids

Cloud Types

Kidipede - Clouds

Cloudman's Mini Cloud Atlas

NASA - Learn about clouds

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42 Explore Drought

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USSRTF - Blizzards

Wikipedia Blizzards

How do Blizzards Form?

Science of Blizzards



Hail Storms and Blizzards

Hail forms when the winds in a storm called updrafts are strong enough to push through the freezing level of a storm. If an updraft extends far above the freezing level, then raindrops and water vapor can freeze. Frozen water droplets can blow around to different parts of a storm, and accumulate more water and re-freeze many times before it is heavy enough to fall to the ground.



Hailstorms. Do they look different?

Blizzards and Hailstorms

Kids Connect Blizzards




Movie about Humidity

Nat Geo

Dan's Wild Weather - Humidity

Kids Geo Humidity

Air Pressure and Humidity



Atmosphere & air pressure


NOVA - The Atmosphere

How Air Pressure Affects You

Atmospheric Pressure

Earth's atmosphere




Dan's Wild Weather - precipitation

Wikipedia Rain

Science Kids

Rain weather for kids

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What Happens When A Storm Comes?

Understanding Storms and Fronts

Storm Chaser



Global Warming


Nat Geo Global Warming

Global Warming

Climatologist Toolbox

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The Sun's Effect on Weather

Nine Planets - Sun

Zoom - Sun

Astronomy Today - Sun

Space Weather and the Sun-Earth System

Nat Geo - The Sun




Nat Geo

Make Frost







Ranbow Facts

About Rainbows

About Rainbows NOAA

Atopic Rainbow

Wikipedia Rainbow




Everything About Fog

What Causes Fog

Types of Fog

How Does Fog Form?



La Nina       El Nino

What is La Nina?

National Geographic - El Nino / La Nina

ElNino - An Introduction

NOAA El Nino



The water Cycle

Water Cycle Movie

Follow a drop through the water cycle

Water Cycle Summary - USGS

Water Cycle Animations

Kidzone Water Cycle

Zoom School Water Cycle

Earth's Window Water Cycle

Weather the Water Cycle




What is Sleet?

The Sleet Storm

What Causes Sleet?

Geography for Kids - Sleet



Lunar Eclipse

Mr. Eclipse

Wikipedia Lunar Eclipse

Our Universe - Lunar Eclipse