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Chapter 1

Number Pattern  
  Understanding 1000
  Chapter 2  
Comparing Numbers  
  Chapter 3  
  Add 3 digit Numbers
Addition Surprise  
  Adding 3 Digit Numbers
  Chapter 4  
Subtract 3 Digit Numbers  
  Subtraction of 3 Digit Numbers
  Chapter 5  
Match Equivalent Sets of Money  
  Equivalent Sets of Coins

Chapter 6

Understand Time  
  Telling Time
Money and Time  
  Time to the Minute
Elapsed Time  

Chapter 7

  Exploring Multiplication

Chapter 9

Multiplication Mystery  
  Multiplication Arrays

Chapter 10

Multiplication Concept and Facts  
  Multiplication Facts
  Chapter 11  
Exploring Division  

Chapter 12

  Operation Snowman
  Chapter 13  
Division Concepts and Facts  
  Division Facts
  Chapter 14  
Collecting and Organizing Data  
  Chapter 15  
  Recording experiment results
  Chapter 16  
Data Grafting Probability  
  Making Bar Graphs
  Chapter 17  
Tracing and Naming Faces  
  Chapter 18  
  Buzzing with Shapes
Using Congruent Figures  
  Chapter 19  
  Chapter 20  
  Customary Units
Estimating Customary Lengths  
  Chapter 21  
  Metric Units
Length Strength  

Estimating Metric Length

  Chapter 22  
  Finding Area
  Chapter 23  
Understanding Fracrions  
  Fraction Race
Operation Blustery Day  
  Part of a Group
Equivalent Fractions  
  Chapter 25  
  Chapter 26  
Fractions and Decimals  
  Chapter 27  
  Multiply by 1 digit numbers
Modeling Multiplication  
  Chapter 28  
  Dividing with Remainders
  Chapter 29  
Multiply 3 digit numbers  
  Multiply 4 digit numbers
  Chapter 30  
Divide 3 digit numbers  
  Multiply Divide 1 Digit Numbers