What is the periodic table? (movie)

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How to use the Periodic Table

Atomic Number

Atomic Symbol

Atomic Mass


When you open any file of an element in the periodic table, you will find a small table with some basic information about that element. Here's how you use that table:

Atomic Number

The number of protons in an atom.. For example carbon atoms have six protons, hydrogen atoms have one, and oxygen atoms have eight. The number of protons in an atom also causes the chemical to behave in a certaim way.

Atomic Symbol:

The atomic symbol is one or two letters chosen to represent an element ("H" for "hydrogen," etc.).

Atomic Mass:

The atomic mass is the average mass (the amount of matter something contains) of an element.



Now you can click over an element and find

the Atomic number, symbol and mass.





Printable copy of the Periodic Table.  (.pdf)

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