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(find out who your ancestors were, where they came from and where they were going. See how from the example below:

Example of a typical passenger record of immigrants

If you click on above documents, look at passenger number 21. This is the record of Angela Maria Petruolo. She came to Ellis Island on March 9, 1909  aboard the ship "Anacona" sailing from Naples, Italy. As you read across, you will find out that she was traveling with her stepson, Antonio DiPietro (line 22) so we know her married name was Angela DiPietro. She was 19, was a housekeeper and could not speak English. As you read across you will see her home town was Agnone, Campobasso, Italy, that her mother's name in Italy was Grandizia DiLullo and that her destination was Denver, Colorado.

Now, click on the second document and, again, look at Line 21. You will see that she had never been to the US before, and that she was meeting her husband, Martino DiPietro in Denver. You will see under column 24 that she was pregnant, and she was 5 feet 0 inches tall and that she was born in Agnone, Italy.

Then, when you look at the document below, you will see she was detained at Ellis Island.

Example of record of immigrants being detained  
Open the above documant and look at Line 103. You will see that Angela Petruolo and her stepson were held to wait for her husband to send her some money so she could continue on her way to Colorado. They were detained 2 days, received 2 breakfast, lunch and dinners and were released at 3:00 on day 3.