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DELTORA      Level 1      Level 2     Level 3      Level 4
Colorsok - Tiles of the same color need to be pushed all together. Use keyboard arrows to move.


Move using arrows to collect yellow diamonds, 1024 moves to complete ten levels. Use spacebar to switch positions with blue diamond. Press "ctrl" to reset


Hour Maze

Use numbers from a clock (1 to 12).

A number’s ‘neighbor’ (above, below, left or right, except if separated by a maze wall)
must be one of the two numbers nearest on a clock face.



Clues look like this:

under this guy is above the 1
next the balloon is next to 2 (on left or right)
right the balloon is somewhere to the right of 1
left the girl is somewhere to the left of 3
between the car is in-between the 3 and the plane
(left-to-right or right-to-left)


Click on the puzzle to remove one of the small pictures. Click again to bring it back.

Hint: you can move the clues around the screen to help you arrange your thoughts.



Use arrow keys to move to the finish.


Orientation Puzzle

Move from the bottom to the top by selecting the type of move, but you can only do the moves you can see straight ahead.  Use "undo" when necessary.

Clean Up Puzzle
Telescope Puzzle first levels                       Telescope Puzzle Last Levels

Sokolan Puzzle

Move the blocks to their matching squares. (For more help, click the "?" in the game)

Labyrinth Puzzle

Use arrow keys to move to the finish (checkered square).



Click to place, click again to change color. The goal is to discover the hidden combination of colored pegs.

Start on the bottom row, and choose a combination of colored pegs (click once to position, and again to change color.)

You will then be given black or white clues on the right hand side.

Black = correct color, correct position. (You want to have five of these to win!)
White = correct color, wrong position.

Try different color combinations and use your brain to figure it out, before all your moves are up!