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Chapter 1

Place Value to 100,000

Chapter 2

Ordering Numbers    

Chapter 3

Subtracting Across Zeros  

Chapter 4

Understand Numbers and Operations 


Chapter 5

Finding Median and Mode  


Chapter 6


Exploring Double-Bar Graphs  

Chapter 7


Telling Time    


Data, Graphing, and Time


Elapsed Time on a Clock   


Chapter 8


Multiplication Mystery   

Operation Restore Power   

Modeling Multiplication Facts   



Chapter 9


Escape from Planet X   


Multiplication and Division Facts   


Chapter 10


Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers   


Chapter 12

Multiply by 2-Digit Numbers   

Multiply by 1 & 2-Digit Numbers   

Modeling Multiplication    


Chapter 13

Divide with Remainders   

Chapter 14

Finding the Mean   

City Blocks   

Chapter 15

Correcting Quotients   

Operation Thunderstorm    

Modeling Division   

Chapter 16

Divide by 1- and 2-Digit Divisors  

Prime and Composite Numbers  


Chapter 17

More About Symmetry    



Chapter 18


Exploring Circles  

Finding Circumference  



Chapter 19

Match Fractions and Fraction Models    

Fraction Man    

Equivalent Fractions    



Chapter 20


Operation Domino  

Subtracting Like Fractions 

Adding Unlike Fractions

Subtracting Unlike Fractions  



Chapter 21


Match Fractions, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals  

Match Fractions and Decimals  

Equivalent Decimals  

Chapter 22



Fractions and Decimals  

Modeling Addition and Subtraction  


Chapter 23


Match Customary Measures  

Measuring Fractional Parts 



Chapter 24

Length Strength  

Measurement and Geometry 



Chapter 25

Find the Unknown Length    

Exploring Area 



Chapter 26

Dr. Gee`s 3-D Lab   

Patterns for Solid Figures   


Chapter 27

Organizing Data  

Predicting Outcomes 



Chapter 28

Probability Circus   


Chapter 30

Probability, Algebra, and Graphing