By 1918, all three girls were living at St. Ann's. Because their father did not speak or write English, the nuns did not understand him and the girl's last name became "DePedro", which they kept until after they were married.

Lillian, Josephine, Martino and Cecilia DiPietrowith Cecilia's Godparents, the Chiovitti's. The girls were at St. Ann's by this time.


"St. Anns orphanage had a nice farm and 5 cows, a big grove of trees on each side, a big laundry and nice toilets in the back. Later, they took all the fences down and had pine trees in the front. The right side bottom floor was our playroom and the second floor was the chapel and the schoolrooms. The third floor was our dormitory and the fourth floor was the infirmary and storage for all the new stuff, almost like a store. The left side bottom floor was the dining rooms and kitchen. Hope I gave a little light to what the school was like."

                                                                                                - Josie- 5-1995

"At the orphanage they were taught to cook, clean and sew. The nuns were very strict. Josie recalled a morning, soon after Ceily arrived,they discovered Ceily had wet the bed. "Mother Superior was very mean. She took a horsewhip and beat the hell out of Ceily".  "Ceily came to St. Ann's at age 5. She had been taken care of by a foster family in Salt Lake City."

  "I was a wild one when I went to St. Ann's. My first day there they gave my bread, butter and sugar. I threw everything on the floor" - Josie

Another time they needed additional bed space so "they told me to share Ceily's bed. She bit me in the arm because she didn't want me there. We weren't even like sisters at the orphanage, we treated each other just like the rest of the crowd. The only time we felt like sisters was when Dad took us out. He took us out once or twice a year and bought us stuff."      - Josie Carniglia

    "One time Lil and I were in the bathroom and I was trying to tell my sister her name in English. When we came out we had an audience laughing at us." -Josie

  "The nuns were always good to me. They let me ride in the buggy to the farms to pick fruit. I used to help them with the other kids." -Josie


Josie, Cecilia & Lillian at St. Ann's - June 1922


Chapel Dorm
Kearns St. Ann's Orphanage, Salt Lake City, Utah
St. Ann's today

Kearns-St. Ann School, located on 2100 South in Salt Lake City, was built in 1899 originally as an orphanage. With funding from Senator Thomas and Jennie Kearns, the building served youth left orphaned and destitute by Utah's mining disasters of the early 1900's. Sisters of the Holy Cross cared for the children living at St. Ann's Orphanage from 1891 until 1953. At that time the orphans were placed in foster homes and the school was operated under the leadership of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.

The windows which were once outside the orphans' dormitory.


The Children of Martin and Angelamaria