Ray and Cecilia had four daughters

  "When [their second child was born], Ceily was in labor all Christmas Day. I told her to come into the bedroom, laid her on the bed and gave her an enema. She went quickly to the hospital after that! I took care of [their eldest daughter] when she was born. Helen Marks stayed with Ceily when [their third and fourth daughters] were born. Helen lives in Salt Lake City, married to Steve Amicone. Both their mothers were best friends and neighbors when they lived in Bingham. In fact we all stayed with them until dad brought us to St. Ann's." - Josie Carniglia


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Ray and Cecilia both loved to bowl later in life. They both won many trophies.



Ray, also played chess until well the last month of his life. He would take BART over to the Mechanics Institute in San Francisco to play. Although he did not actively play chess until his forties, he became an excellent player.

"In regards to Mr. Ray Cuneo - he was a most pleasant shadow "always there" in the 1,000 days I spent in my final development at the Mechanics Institute Chess Rooms 1968-1971. He knew them all - period."

- Jude Acers / New Orleans, Louisiana 5 - 1 - 2003

Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Newsletter.

By IM John Donaldson Newsletter #133, 04/02/2003

Ray Cuneo

Longtime Mechanics' member Ray Cuneo recently passed away at the age of 97.  Interestingly Ray didn't start playing until he was 40. That didn't stop him from becoming a Mechanics regular for almost half a century!  Ray came regularly to the club right up until his death. Many of our older members in their 70s and 80s considered him a source of inspiration due to his physical vitality, mental agility and genial manner. If they had known he was also still actively participating in a bowling league in Alameda they would have been even more impressed. Ray was well liked by all and we will miss him very much.

April 23, 1941

August 15, 1961

August 17, 1961 - Oakland Tribune

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