Carnglia Tree

Josephine L. DiPietro was born in Denver, Colorado on May 23, 1909. Her mother was pregnant with her when she made the trip to Denver from Agnone, Italy. She witnessed her mother's death and was sent to St. Anne's Orphanage in Salt Lake City, Utah when she was 5.


  "I was 16 when I left St. Ann's. The nuns wanted me to stay there and make my home there. They said I could find a job in Salt Lake and live at the orphanage; but I wanted to be with my dad. I moved to Bingham and stayed with him for two years. Ceily and Lil came right after me. When I was 18, I decided there was no future for me in Bingham. There were mostly men and the living was rough. I'm glad I had the experience but that's the only thing I liked about it. I moved to Oakland and married Del Carniglia in 1930, when I was 21. We lived with Del's mother, who was a widow. I brought Ceily to live with us from Bingham because I didn't want her to be alone. Del's mom was nice enough to let her live with us. She was best friends with the widow two doors down from us and Ceily got to know her son pretty good…his name was Ray Cuneo"  -Josie

They lived in Walnut Creek, and had one son .

They then moved to Chandler, Arizona.

Del passed away in January, 1987. Josie passed away June 2, 2001 in Chandler, Arizona.

Josephine Carniglia, age 78

Cecilia and Josephine, 2-24-1988

The last time they saw each other

Josie's son and daughter-in-law


Josie and her daughter-in-law- 81st Birthday

Nick & Karen Gomez, Josie with Doreen's Grand-daughter

Marilyn,Erika and Daniel Gomez

Doreen's daughter by the door

Josie with Daniel, Nick & Erika Gomez

Lillian DiPietro