John James Cunio & Victoria Mary Bernero


  Louisa's brother, John J. Cunio was born on September 5, 1874 in Rovegno, Italy. He came to California around 1895.

 He married Victoria Mary Bernero around on January 30, 1901 (probably in Jackson, Calif.).

Victoria Mary Bernero was born in California on January 9, 1884. She was the daughter of Dominic Bernero and Clothilda Pendola.

John & Victoria had moved to Oakland by 1910 where John was working in a shoe repair shop and living on Telegraph Ave. John died on May 13, 1943, Victoria on December 20, 1945.

John and Victoria had one son, Raphael Jerome (Ray).

Ray Cunio was born in Oakland on October 4, 1901.He married Helen Fields, daughter of Mannuel Fields and Rosie Furtado. Ray and Helen had four children, Jack, Jeane, Bonnie and Diana.

John E (Jack) born October 1921 in Oakland
John Eugene (Jack) Cunio Communion John E. (Jack) Cunio with Pat & Geri

Jack married and Lionell Bigalow on Feb. 21, 1947. They had two children, Michael Angelo and Victoria Ann. Jack and Lionell were divorced on June 28, 1953. Jack then married Lowel Elizabeth Green. They had one son, John Eugene born February 4, 1955. Jack married for a third time on February 23, 1965 to Leona (Nina) Brown in Washington, D.C. He died July 16, 1973 in Rockville, Maryland.

Jean S., born Oct. 1922, in Oakland

Jeanne Cunio - 1982

Jean married Chuck Bayless around 1942. Her second marriage was to Hubert Flock. The had one daughter, Shirley Jeane Flock born in 1956. Hubert died in 1968. Her last marriage was to Arthur L. Kennedy on April 12, 1969; they divorced July 1976. Jeane died in Renton, Washington on April 26, 1997. She was a librarian in Jackson, California.

"His name was Chuck Bayless.  She only knew him by Chuck so is not sure if that was a nickname for Charles or not.  Jeane met him at the roller skating ring that they all used to go to by the house in Oakland.  She married him sometime between 1942 and 1943 – Peggy thinks it was 1942.  After they married, they went back to Minnesota (not sure if Chuck was originally from there or not) and Jeane “disappeared from the face of the earth” (as Peggy put it) for quite a few years.  Peggy was busy raising her family and had no contact with her.  Jeane was always a very private person and never really kept up correspondence either.  Eventually she came back to the Bay Area and married Hub, her second husband.  Jeane really liked Minnesota – I remember her talking about it but never talking about Chuck.  She always wanted to go back and in her later years, I’m guessing around 1994 (it was after I got married and before she got sick), she went back for a 2-week vacation and went to all the places she had been.

Peggy and my Mama were bridesmaids in Jeane’s wedding to Chuck.  The wedding was in a room at a mortuary in Oakland.  My Mama had a wonderful sense of humor and could always make you laugh.  And she could always make Peggy laugh.  According to Peggy, the minister was the oldest man you had ever seen and had the longest feet you had ever seen.  During the ceremony, my Mama looked at his feet, then looked at Peggy with a look that made Peggy laugh so hard it brought tears to her eyes.  My Mom was great for these looks.  Peggy and Mama fortunately were able to somewhat control their laughter.

Also, in those days, it was very taboo to get married outside the Catholic church if you were Catholics.  Peggy’s father, Anthony, wouldn’t even think of attending a wedding outside the Church, let alone let his daughter participate in one.  Peggy’s mother, Rose, was more liberal minded.  So since Peggy was in the wedding, Rose and her sister Nora did everything possible to keep this a secret from Anthony.  It was the best-kept secret in Oakland.  Obviously, Anthony didn’t attend the wedding, but Rose and Nora did.  The wedding reception was held at your grandparents’ house in the basement room!  I even remember the house and that room!" ...Ramona Sach, 2008

Bonnie Mae, born on May 4, 1927 in Amador County

Bonnie Mae married James Penn Green and they had a daughter, Ramona. Her second marriage was to Anthony Jame Apke on May 27, 1954 in Oakland. Her third marriage was to John Peter Harrison on July 1, 1961. Bonnie died in Oakland on January 27, 1987.

Diana, born last, died in infancy.


John Cunio WWI Draft card

Cunios - 1910 census

Cunio, John & Victoria - 1920 Oakland

Cunios - 1930 Census

Rafael Cunio ship record (he was a wiper)