Angelina Maria Petruolo was born on November 25, 1890 to Feliciantonio (Felix) Petroulo and Grandizia DiLullo.


About Felix and Grandizia Petruolo

  Feliciantonio Petroulo was born about 1853 to Giovanni Petruolo and Angela Terisa Tavarozzi.

  Grandizia DiLullo, born June 3, 1855, was the daughter of Marco DiLullo and Pasquala DiMario of Agnone. She had at least two sisters, Angelina Maria (born about 1851) who married Antonio Pasquale Carosella on January 4, 1870 in  Agnone, Italy. and Lucia Amata who married Pasquale Desiata in 1867.

  Felix and Grandizia were married in Agnone, Italy on February 24, 1876. They had at least three boys and three girls. Three of their children would come to America, sons Michelle and Giovanni and daughter, Angelina Maria.


  Angelamaria Petruolo married Martino DiPietro on March 28, 1908. He had been in America when his first wife, Maria Longo, died. He went back to Agnone, married Angelmaria, then went back to Denver, Colorado. Soon after, he sent for Angela and his son, Tony, by his first wife. Angela was 6 months pregnant with Josie.

Angela and Tony arrived in New York on March 23, 1909 aboard the ship SS Anacona.


Angela and Tony's Passenger Record Page 1

Angela and Tony's Passenger Record page 2 (lists Angelina as being pregnant and her height as 5 feet) lines 21 and 22

they were detained until Martino picked them up

While in Denver, Angela gave birth to Josie on May 25, 1909 and then to Lillian on February 15, 1911. They moved to Utah around 1912.

The Family moves to Utah and the death of Angelamaria

Children of Martino and Angelamaria DiPietro