California Web quest

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Go to Latitude and Longitude

and answer

What is the Prime Meridian?

What is Latitude?

What is Longitude?

Go to Netstate

and answer these questions:    


1) What states border California?

2) California is the___________largest of all the states.

3) The highest point in California is__________.

4) The lowest point in California is__________.


go to

California Regions


5) Name the 4 California regions.

6) What is the difference between northern coast and southern coasts?

7) Why is the central valley good for farming?

8) How much of California land is covered with mountains?

9) How many miles does Death Valley cover?


go to

California Facts


10) What is the Capital of California?

11) How do you think California received it's nickname?

12) Look at the California Sate Seal and write down what state symbol you see in it.

(State symbols are listed under the seal)