Descendants of William Hearne and Maria Harris

Descendant Outline

 William Hearne was born in Donoughmore, Ireland in 1812. (His surname could have been Ahern). He arrived in North America, probably landing in New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, in April of 1832. On November 15, 1834, William Hearne arrived in Eastport (later to be named Lubec) Maine. His occupation was a cooper (he made barrels for ships to store goods... see 1856 Maine Business Directory). He became a naturalized citizen, while living in Lubec, in September, 1842.

William Hearne Citizenship Papers 1

William Hearne Citizenship Papers 2

    William married Maria Harris, daughter of John Harris and Elizabeth (Betsey) Cochran(e) in Lubec around 1836. Maria was born in Lubec on October 10, 1819.

 They lived on the corner of School and Water Streets;

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 Maria Harris Hearne died of apoplexy (stroke) in Lubec on November 17, 1894.

William died in Lubec two months later on January 4, 1895.


William and Maria Hearne had 13 children:


     1) Elizabeth Jane Hearne


     2) Mary Ann Hearne was born on May 20, 1839 born 40 miles N. of Cape Cod on board the brig 'Henrietta' of Lubec piloted by Capt. James Madison Parker.

    About 1868, she married Thomas Donahue (born 12 Jun 1839 to Michael and Jane McMenomy Donahue, the third of seven children). He was an insurance agent in Portland, Maine, which is where they made their home. (Her sister, Lucy, married Thomas' brother, James E. Donahue.) Thomas and Mary had no children and lived in Portland, Maine, until Thomas' death on September 17, 1914. After that, Mary lived with her brother, John; and then with John's daughter, Alice Keenan, in Cape Elizabeth Town, Maine, until her death on April 29, 1930 one month shy of her 91st birthday.


     3) An Infant who died in 1844


     4) John C. Hearne


    5) An unknown child (born March 1849 and died April 27, 1850)


    6) James D. Hearne (born March 19, 1851) was a seaman. There was no record of him after the 1880 census.


    7) Margaret Elizabeth Hearne (born September 26, 1853 and died on January 2, 1868)


    8) Edward Hearne (born January 30, 1856 died sometime before August 1857)


    9) Edward Dominick Hearne (born Jan. 30, 1857 and died after a year on August 14, 1857)


    10) Francis Thomas Hearne (Frank) (born April 18, 1858) lived with and was partner with his brother, John, in the truckman business. He also lived with his sister, Mary Donahue for a time around 1880. He died in Boston on January 26, 1929.

Frank Hearne, Portland 1920


    11)  Henry Matthew Hearne (born Aug. 26, 1860 and died on Feb.8, 1874 in Portland, Me.)


    12)  Lucy Ann Hearne (born July 10, 1864)




    13)  William Hearne (born August 18, 1841)