Johanna, Thomas, Loretta & Cyril O'Neill Johanna O'Neil

O'Neill Documents


  They had 4 children, Loretta, Thomas, Hugh and Bartholomew.

1- Catherine (Kitty) Loretta was born in San Francisco, California on Feb. 18, 1883. She married Charles Henry Schaertzer in June of 1903.

(1930 census.)

They had two children:

           - Loretta Mary (born May 30, 1908) who married Allen Cameron.                                           

          - Cyril Hugh  (born Feb. 7, 1906) was a SFFD fireman. He died  Sept. 27,1994 in Petaluma,   Calif.                               

Charles died June 28, 1948. Loretta died on April 29, 1964.


2 -. Thomas Edward O’Neill was born 30 January 1888 in San Francisco. He doesn’t appear on the census with his family until 1910 living at 2162 Howard Street, San Francisco. Thomas married Florence Ida Seale about 1912 (1930 census says he was married at age 24). She was the daughter of William Seale and Ida W. Goetz.  His World War I draft registration (5 Jun 1917) says he’s supporting his wife and mother and living at 1637 Hyde Street, San Francisco. By 1930 Thomas and Florence were living at 3333 Octavia Street, San Francisco. Thomas died there on 9 Oct 1932 and was buried at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, California.

Florence moved to 1111 Pine Street, San Francisco and supported herself as a beautician. She married Jesse Ward Kutz, died 30 Sept 1942, and is buried with him at Golden Gate National Cemetery San Bruno, California.


July 17, 1918, Thomas younger brother, Bart entered Los Gatos Seminary, the paper states that Mrs. Johanna O'Neill has two other sons older than Bart.
Obituary states he was a member of the Berkeley Elks Lodge# 1002 (no records found)
Does not appear on 1900 census with parents and siblings
Did not find marriage record in San Francisco (searched 1906-1928)
Could not find 1920 Census for Thomas
1930 Census says he was married at age 24 (abt 1912)

Death certificate # 55265
 Thomas' death date as 10/9/1932    spelling - thomas E ONeil  widow - F county of death SF  age 44


   3 -  Hugh O'Neill


4 - Bartholomew Lawrence who became a Jesuit Priest and is buried in the Santa Clara Mission Cemetery.                                    

  "Father Bartholomew was described as being ‘black Irish’ (having dark hair and eyes with a pale completion) and handsome. There is some evidence to suspect that he was involved with the IRA. Johanna’s nephew was Batt O’Connor T.D. (close friend and confidant to Michael Collins).

Bartholomew O'Neill, S.J.(enlarge)

  When Thomas Hugh O’Neill died in October of 1916 it left Hugh, Thomas and Bart with the financial responsibility for their mother. The family decided that Hugh and Thomas would support the family, with the understanding that Bart would help out when he finished high school in a couple of months. Bart attended St. James, St. Charles, Immaculate Conception,  St. Agnes Elementary Schools and St. Ignatius High School in San Francisco. After his high school graduation in 1917, he entered Sacred Heart Novitiate. Leaving Hugh and Thomas to support their mother and put Bart through college. This resulted in a strained relationship that would last throughout their lives.  In addition to that, Bart was never able to resolve his unhappy feelings that Hugh's son and grandchildren were not raised Catholics and would not meet them.
  Bart studied for the priesthood in Washington and Kansas and was ordained in Kansas at St. Mary’s June 22, 1932. He became a Jesuit, taught at the University of Santa Clara and also in Rome. Bart’s mother, Johanna, was proud that one of her sons became a priest, and was asked to join the Loyola Guild.
  There is a ‘family story’, that after Bart was ordained he was asked to teach at the Vatican. (His family was expected to pay for his travel and expenses.) Bart was asked several times and finally  the O'Neill family saved enough money to pay for his passage and a stipend for him to live on while he was there. It was a hardship for the family who didn't have extra money, but they felt he might not be asked again and it was a wonderful opportunity. After his time was up and Bart was due to return, they started to get post cards from all over Europe. These cards continued for many months. When Bart finally returned his family asked how he had managed to tour Europe, as they hadn't given him any extra money. He said that a widow lady from his Parish in California happened to be in Rome and asked him to travel with her as her ‘spiritual advisor’. The family was impressed at his good fortune until his sister-in-law Elizabeth nee Moir O'Neill asked how old this widow was (the family was thinking she was old from Bart's story)? Bart confessed she was a young twenty something!"

          Told to Barb Fageol by Jean Middleton Ostaggi (2003)