Verna Gertrude "Sis" Hearne was born on March 21, 1911.

 She attended Mission High School in San Francisco.

  She married Ralph Parsons Cole in 1949. Ralph was born in California, probably Sacramento to Charles Stephen Cole and Maud Stedman.He had one brother, Chester, and one sister, Ethel.

"Ralph [Cole] was very smart. He used to travel all around ordering the books for the government." -Bill Hearne

  Ralph died March 3, 1986.

 Sis passed away on November 14, 1995 in Daly City, Calif. They are buried with Sis' Grandmother Mary Ann and her Uncle William Hearne at Holy Cross in Colma.

" My sister worked in stores all her life. She learned to be a salesman at their Aunt's, Annie Medley, dry goods store. She [Verna] worked at Grayson’s Store for a long time; in fact I think that was the last job she ever had." -Bill Hearne

Sis & Eugene (8mos) Sis 1928
Bo, Sis & Billy 1943
Sis & Ed - Forest Knoll 1930 Julia and Sis Hearne 1930 Eugene and Sis Forest Knoll 1930
Eugene, Sis & Gloria 1930 Sisters - Irene & Sis Sis & Eugene at 5 months
Dolores Cashman and Sis - 1944
Sis and Irene
Sis and Ralph Cole 1978
Irene & Sis  1977