Minnie Leahy was born April 3, 1873 in Queenstown, Ireland.

She came to the United States on August 13, 1890,

at the age of 17, from Queenstown, Ireland aboard the ship, Wisconsin.


“Minnie Cashman [Nana] came from Queenstown, Ireland. She had an uncle in San Francisco; I guess his name was Leahy, he wrote to his brother, her dad, to send a boy over. My grandmother decided “I’m the boy” and she wrote a letter and signed it ‘Mike’. Her parents let her go. She had read about everything she could get a hold of. She was very intelligent. But there she was [in San Francisco] and they took her in. She had money. She had 50 dollars in gold; that was a lot of money back then. Her grandmother was Grandma Collins.
My grandmother [Minnie] read everything she could get her hands on. She sailed from Ireland, of course that was ahead of the Titanic, but I don’t think that would have fazed her! She had a deep belief in God and she would have said, “If God wanted to take me, I would be taken. She landed in New York at Ellis Island. She came [to San Francisco] by train. While on the train, they stopped down in Arizona and my grandmother had beautiful long black hair. An Indian woman felt her hair. She thrilled my grandmother because she knew all about Indians. It didn’t bother her none an Indian was touching her so she made a friend with an Indian. Then they landed in San Francisco. That’s when her uncle got the full impact.
I think she had three brothers."

-Patricia Durdell  “My recollection was that Minnie was adopted by an uncle who owned a meat packing plant in Queenstown. I don’t know what happened to her parents. He was quite wealthy. It was he that financed her trip to America and later his relatives sued her for the money but she won the case in court.  Nana Cashman was strong, domineering and possessive. If she didn’t have a family, she would have ruled the world. The way she got over here was mysterious. Evidently, the way I understand it; her father wasn’t in the picture. Her family was very affluent and the rest of her family resented that she got all this money to come over here. She had to go to court one time because they were trying to get money back from her. It was ruled in her favor. Her family was from Cork City, Queenstown. She told us she used to dive off the Queensland Harbor into the Irish Sea; she was a swimmer."   "When we would go up to visit at Boyes Springs, Nana would have about 6 or 7 sets of dishes. My mom would go to help her, and Nana would say, not those (dishes), not those, get the cracked ones. She was like that.
   I spent a week with Nana with my brother and sister at Boyes. She didn’t let us play with any other kids. And she would say to us every night, “examine you conscience”. As I look back on it now, I realize she was very nice to me and picked out a lot of good books for me to read. She was very intelligent. It goes with the territory; they all had brains, it was the way they used them. Just like me, I was pretty brainy, but what did I do with it?
When I won my journalism prizes in High School, I got a 20 dollar bill in the mail, it was anonymous, but it was from Nana. "

- Aileen Cashman

Marriage Announcement

Vincent & Frank Brogan, Minnie, Patricia Brogan, Eugene Cashman - Boyes Hot Springs Eugene William and Minnie Cashman  - Sanf Francisco


Minnie, ?, Eugene & Irene Cashman (holding Verna) & Eugene F. Cashman Eugene William, Phil & Frank Brogan, Agnes, Minnie, Eugene F., Pat Brogan.jpg Letter from Minnie to Irene


Minnie Cashman died  on February 17, 1956

at her home on 161A Prospect Street in San Francisco, Calif.



The Family of Denis and Minnie Cashman

Denis Cashman