Lucy Helena Hearne was born August 12, 1891 in Lubec, Maine.

After graduating from Lubec High School in 1910, she attended the University of Maine to became a school teacher.

She taught first at Lubec Grammar School from 1914 to 1926. She then got a teaching job in Saco, Maine then in New London, Connecticut and finally in Peaboby Massachusetts. She was a vice principal at John Cheverus School in Boston. She visited with her California cousins at least once as Bill Hearne remembers meeting his "Massachusetts family" when he was young. She also came to San Francisco in 1950 when her sister, Frances, died.

  "The few relatives that came out here to visit had English accents. One relative came out here was form Massachusetts, she was a school teacher from Peabody, Massachusetts.

 "She come out here just before my father died [Sept. 1932]. I forget her name."                                                                                      -Bill Hearne 2002

  Lucy Hearne was teaching until at least 1957 (Peabody 1957 directory).

Lucy died on November 5, 1959 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston of an Aortic Aneurysm. She was buried at the Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Portland, Maine next to her sister, Alice.


Alice Marie Hearne

Frances Leila Hearne

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