Lillian Rogers


   Lillian was born in San Francisco on November 26, 1907 to John Olwin Rogers and Henrietta May "Hattie" McNally (married in San Jose, Ca. on August 5, 1905).

  Lillian's father, was born in San Francisco on February 26, 1884 to Francis Edward Rogers (1846-1916) and Emma Morse (1848-1918) who were both born in England. John was a ship's caulker. (WWI Draft Card). He died in San Francisco on September 2, 1918 at the age of 34.

  Lillian's mother, Hattie, was born in Oakland, California in May 1884 to Benjamin McNally (1845, Cleveland, Ohio -1930, New Jersey) and Annie J Hynes (1848, Lynn Mass. -1912, San Francisco). Her brothers, Ben and Stephen were Vaudeville performers.

When John and Hattie divorced (about 1913), Lillian was adopted by Frank and Julia Hearne.

  Lillian married Louis Fielden about 1927 and gave birth to Donald Richard Fielden on June 27, 1929. By the 1930 census she was listed as being a widow, working as a file clerk and living at 1006 Noe with Frank and Julia Hearne. She married again, to Jack Olivera.

"Lillian, now, isn’t really my sister, but I was about 16 years old before I found out she wasn’t my sister. Her mother, Rogers, I remember we lived on Capp Street by the railroad tracks, I think 900 Capp Street. The mother used to come late at night and see Lillian, but I always though she was my sister, ever since I was born. I always regarded her as my sister, even when I found out I still thought of her as my sister. I never did see the father, I remember the mother come by with a different guy all the time; she was a playgirl. My mother raised Lillian since she was a little kid. Then she married Al. My mother raised two or three other kids, she always had kids in the house. " -Bill Hearne 2002


Lillian died in San Francisco on August 29, 1979.