Alice Hearne William Keenan

Alice Marie Hearne was born on July 31, 1889.

She married William Patrick Keenan on  November 6, 1909 in Portland, Me.

William was the son of Francis Keenan and Ellen Kirlin who were born in New Brunswick, Canada and married on February 29, 1876 in Frédéricton, New Brunswick, Canada.

William Keenen was born in Houlton, Maine on March 10, 1890. He was a druggest who owned his own store; he was also the clerk in charge at his store for the Postal Service . They resided in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


William and Alice had six children:

Francis Lawrence was born November 15, 1909 in Portland, Maine. He married Helen G. Eaton in Cape Elizabeth, Maine on May 22, 1937.

Joseph Christopher was born on October 2, 1912 in Portland. He joined the Navy during WWII. On February 19, 1949, he married Ruth M. Hawbolt. Joseph was a clerk at Union Station in Portland. Ruth was a teacher there. Ruth died on May 22, 1983 Joseph died in Portland on September 27, 1995.

Elizabeth Marie was born on May 11, 1916 in South Portland, Maine. On June 5, 1939, she married John Francis Cipriano from Connecticut, born October 7, 1913. John died March 19, 1988 and Elizabeth on April 20, 1978 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Elizabeth was the President of Easternoil Co of Portland; John was treasurer.

William Patrick, Jr. was born on July 23, 1919. He was a Captain in the US Army.

John Frederick was born on May 3, 1920. He joined the Army during WWII. On September 21, 1953 he married Mary K. Conley. They resided in Portland; John working as a driver then a barber. John died in Portland on August 11, 1973; his wife, Mary, died in South Portland on September 27, 2003.

Marion Katherine was born on December 2, 1921. She attended Cottage Farms School and graduated from Cathedral High School in 1939 and Maine Eye and Ear School of Nursing in 1942. She was a nurse, first with the Army Nurse Corps in the Pacific from 1943 to 1946 during WWII then as a nurse at Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary.

On September 18, 1948 she married Earle Lawrence Wiles, son of Maurice and Mary Ellen Gilmore, in Peterborough, New Hampshire. They had 5 children, Margaret, William, Catherine, Mary and James. Earle died in Augusta, Maine on February 15, 1965. Marion died in Arlington, Texas on February 15, 2001 and is buried in South Portland, Maine.


Keenans in Portland, Maine 1946 showing Alice as a widow and John, Joseph and Marion in the Service

  Alice died in Kittery, Maine on Jan. 28 1956.

  William Patrick, Jr. died in Portland, Maine on April 30, 1934.


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