Irene & Eugene San Francisco


Irene Hearne was born in San Francisco on August 17, 1905; the third child of Frank and Julia Hearne.

"I remember about Irene growing up was that she worked at the Columbia Outfit and Company store as a bookkeeper on 22 nd and Mission. She stayed there until she got married. She was a wonderful woman, Jackie."

-Bill Hearne


"Jackie" married Eugene William Cashman on October 4, 1925 in San Francisco.

Irene 1925 Irene & Gene 1925 Irene & Leon Blanchard 1925
  Irene 1928 Irene holding Margot Jehly 1930
Irene Forest Knoll 1930   Irene, Gloria Jehly & Eugene 1930
  Passport 1964 for Robert's wedding  







Eugene Cashman

Family of Eugene and Irene