First New York Mounted Rifles




  After the action at Big Bethel, Va., June 10, 1861, Major- General  Butler authorized Capt. Judson Kilpatrick, 5th N. Y.
Volunteer Infantry, to organize a squadron of cavalry for duty
in General Butler's Department. This authority was approved by
the Secretary of War and Companies A and B were accordingly
organized at New York city. The New York Mounted Rifle Regiment from the state at large was organized at New York city. The companies were mustered into the U. S. service for three years as follows: Company A (William's) was at Fort Monroe, Va. They left the state in July, 1861.



1st Regiment, New York Mounted Rifles

(Sometimes designated 7th New York Cavalry.) First organized at New York City asa Squadron of two Companies, "A" and "B," for duty in the Dept. of Virginia, and mustered in at Fortress Monroe, Va., July 30, 1861. Companies "C" and "D"organized at Newburg, N. Y., and mustered in September 18 and October 16, 1861.Companies "E," "F," "G" and "H" organized at New York City and mustered in June to August, 1862. Companies "I," "K," "L" and "M" organized August and September,1862. Companies "A" and "B" left State for Fortress Monroe, Va., July, 1861; "C"and "D" December 6, 1861; "E," "F," "G" and "H" August, 1862, and "I," "K," "L"and "M" September 19, 1862. Attached to District of Fortress Monroe, Dept. of Virginia, to May, 1862. Unattached, Dept. of Virginia, to July, 1862.Unattached, Division at Suffolk, Va., 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia, to April, 1863. Cavalry, 7th Army Corps. Dept. of Virginia, to July, 1863. Cavalry Brigade, U. S. Forces, Portsmouth, Va., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to October, 1863. U. S. Forces, Yorktown, Va., Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to January, 1864. Cavalry Brigade and Wistar's Division, 18th Army Corps, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to April, 1864. Unattached Cavalry,Army of the James, to July, 1864. Cavalry Brigade, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to October, 1864. 3rd Brigade, Kautz's Cavalry Division, Dept. of Virginia and North Carolina, to March, 1865. Headquarters, Dept. of Virginia, to April, 1865. District of Eastern Virginia, Dept. of Virginia, to July, 1865.

SERVICE-.Duty at Fortress Monroe and at Camp Hamilton, Va., till May, 1862.Action in Hampton Roads, Newport News, March 8-9, 1862, between "Monitor" and"Merrimac." Howard's Bridge April 4 (Cos. "A" and "B"). Near Lee's Mills April 5(Cos. "A" and "B"). Tranter's Creek, Norfolk, Va., May 10. Suffolk, Va., May 14.Reconnoissance to Edenton, N. C., May 27-31. Hertford, N. C., June 30. Duty at Suffolk, Va., till June, 1863. Smithfield July 10, 1862. South Mills September4. Zuni September 15. Blackwater September 28. Blackwater near Zuni October 4.Zuni October 20 and 25. Near Franklin October 31. Zuni November 3. Providence Church November 12. Blackwater Bridge and Zuni November 14. Zuni Bridge November15. Near Carrsville November 17. Franklin November 18. Zuni November 25. South Quay December 7. Zuni near Blackwater December 8 and 11-13. Joyner's Ford December 12. Isle of Wight Court House December 22. Providence Church Road December 28. Ely's House near Providence Church January 9, 1863. Burnt Ordinary January 11. Jacksonville, N. C., January 20. Deserted House January 30. Edenton,N. C., February 7. Reconnaissance from Suffolk March 7-9. Chuckatuck March 7.Near Windsor March 9. Blackwater Bridge March 31. Siege of Suffolk April 11-May4. South Quay Road April 11. Elenton, Providence Church and Somerton Roads April12-13. Edenton Road April 15. Providence Church Road, Chuckatuck and Reed's Ferry May 3. Lake Drummond May 4. Blackwater Bridge May 12. Near Suffolk handcars May 16. Scott's Mills May 17. Near Blackwater, Windsor Road, May 18.Antioch and Barber's Cross Roads May 23. Blackwater Bridge May 31. South Mills June 8. South Quay Road June 12. Camden, N. C., July 5. Currituck July 12 and

Raid to destroy railroad at Weldon July 25-August 2. Jackson July 28.Expedition from Portsmouth to Edenton, N. C., August 11-19. Edenton August 15.Pasquotank August 18. Expedition from Williamsburg to Bottom's Bridge August 26

Barhamsvllle, Slatersville, New Kent Court House, Crump's Cross Roads and Bottom's Bridge August 29. Expedition to Matthews County October 4-9. Maritimes November 8. Charles City Cross Roads November 16. Expedition to Charles City Court House December 12-14. Charles City Court House December 13.New Kent Court House January 19, 1864. Scouting from Williamsburg January 19-24.Wistar's Expedition toward Richmond February 6-8. Bottom's Bridge February 7.

Expedition from Yorktown to New Kent Court House in aid of Kilpatrick March 1-4.White House March 2. Expedition into King and Queen County March 9-12. Bolero 9. Carlton's Store March 10. Matthews County Court House March 25.Expedition from Williamsburg April 27-29. Twelve Mile Ordinary April 27. Twelve Mile Ordinary April 28. Butler's operations on south side of James River and against Richmond and Petersburg May 4-28. Chester Station, Port Althea, May 7. Swift Creek or Swift Creek May 8-10. Proctor's Creek May 11.Operations against Fort Darling May 12-16. Wier Bottom Church May 12. Clover Hill Junction May 14. Drury's Bluff May 14-16. Petersburg & Richmond Railroad May 16. Bottom's Church May 17. Bermuda Hundred May 18-26. Walthall Junction June 2. West Point June 5. Petersburg June 8-10. Assaults on Petersburg June 15

Siege operations against Petersburg and Richmond June 16, 1864, to March 27,1865. Deep Bottom June 23, 1864. Surrey Court House July 11. Richmond &Petersburg Railroad July 21. Deep Bottom July 27-29. Strawberry Plains August14-18. Cox's Mills September 16. Chaffin's Farm September 29-October 1.Darbytown Road October 13 and 16. Fair Oaks October 27-28. Cone's Creek December

White Oak Swamp February 5, 1865. Expedition from Fort Monroe to Fredericksburg March 5-8. Expedition from Fort Monroe into Westmoreland County March 11-13. Williamsburg March 11. Near Windsor March 12. Near New Kent CourtHouse March 17. Seven Pines March 18. White House March 19. Expedition from Deep Bottom to near Weldon, N. C., March 28-April 11. Weldon Railroad April 4.Murfreesboro, N. C., April 5. Somerton April 7. Near Jackson April 17. Duty at Fredericksburg, Va., Dept. of Va., till July. Mustered out by consolidation with3rd Now York Cavalry, July 21, 1865, to form 4th Provisional Cavalry.

Regiment lost during service 2 Officers and 30 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 124 Enlisted men by disease, etc. Total 159.


1st NY Mounted Rifles

Nickname -Recruitment area: Company A - NYC Company B - NYC Company C "1st Cav. Co., Tenth Legion" - Monticello, Grahamville, Fallsburgh,Clayville, Middletown, Ellenville and Newburg D "2d Cav. Co., Tenth Legion" - Monticello, Grahanville, Fallsburgh,Clayville, Middletown, Ellenville and Newburg E - Troy, Albany, Fort Edward, Salem, Schenectady and NYC Company F - Troy, Buffalo and NYC Company G - Troy, Chatham and NYC Company H - Troy, Buffalo, Mt. Pleasant, Syracuse, Tarrytown and NYC Company I - Canaan, Carmel, Chatham, North Castleton and NYC Company K - Buffalo, Charlton, Livonia, Richmond, Springwater, Victor and NYC Company L - Lenox, Oneida, Rome, Syracuse and Verona Company M - Chatham, North Castle and NYCDates of Service: Mustered in - summer, 1862Mustered out - Sept. 6, 1865, received designation, 4th Provisional Regiment, Involve. Cavalry Colonels: Charles C. DODGE Benjamin F. ONDERDONK Edwin V. SUMNER

Casualty Totals:

Battle Related
Officers 1
Enlisted 18
Wounded - died
Officers 1
Enlisted 12
Wounded - recovered
Officers 3
Enlisted 75
Missing Officers 0
Enlisted 90


Died of Disease & other causes Officers 4 Enlisted 117

As POWs Officers 0 Enlisted 8