Eugene, Agnes, Minnie, Frank, Aileen Vincent Cashman


Denis Cashman and Minnie Leahy were married on February 7, 1892 in San Francisco, Calif.

  They bought a house on Prospect Street, 155 Prospect, probably with the money Minnie had brought over from Ireland. They eventually owned houses at 155 151 and 161 Prospect and at 151 Winfield, which were inhabited by their children at different times. Nana also put the down payment on Vincent and Gertrude's house in Bernal Heghts (360 Highland Ave). They also bought a house in Boyes Hot Springs where they (mostly Minnie) spent their summers with the kids and grandchildren. Denis eventually died in this house.

  "When we would go up to visit at Boyes Springs, Nana would have about 6 or 7 sets of dishes. My mom would go to help her, and Nana would say, not those (dishes), not those, get the cracked ones. She was like that."   - Aileen Cashman

Cashmans - 1901 phone directory

By 1915, they had another house on Prospect Street, 157 Prospect.



Cashmans at 157 Prospect Street


Denis and Minnie at Boyes


Redwood City 1922 Voter List