Francis Patrick Hearne, Jr.



Billie Hearne, Francis Hearne, Hearne, Sis Hearne, Ernis Jehly holding Gloria Jehly, Edwin Hearne holding Gene Cashman, Bub stading right   Bub, Sis, Julia Gloria. Gene, Ernie, Ed

Gene Cashman, Billie Hearne, Ed Hearne and Bub

Forest Knoll  1930

  Eugene William Cashman and Bub


(left to right) Bo, Bub (second from left), Ed, Gene and Eugene Cashman


  Francis Patrick Hearne, Jr. ("Bub") was born on July 24, 1901. He joined the Coast Guard on October 3, 1923 and was honorably discharged on October 3, 1924. He then worked at his Aunt and Uncle's (Ernie and Annie Medley) grocery store for a year and took and accouting course at Walton School of Commerce (which he did not finish).

On May 19, 1925 he joined the Navy.

  "My oldest brother was nicknamed, “Bub”. I never knew him until I was 7, 8 years old because when I was born or before I was born, he joined the Coast Guard first then he joined the submarines. He was in Asia on the USS S 33 for about 4 or 5 years before the war [WWII], around 1925. He was in the service until about 1930 or 31 because a couple years later my father died (He died in ’33). They [submarines] had numbers in those days then they started naming them after fish."

  " He had submarine duty on the SS 24. He was on that duty for 6 years and in China, patrolling the Yangtze River for 3 or 4 years."  -Ed Hearne

  "Bub went into the Army during the war  [WWII]. He went into the Air Force. They wouldn’t take him back in the Navy; he was too old, you see. The Air Force took him and he went up in the bombers taking recon pictures of the damage that had been done. He had tried to get back on the submarines because he would have gone back with a rating ; he was Warrant Officer when he left." [Final Discharge Pay Record]

 "After the war he lived by himself in the Mission, on Valencia Street for a while right above a bar owned by a guy named Fred who got caught selling some stuff at the bar and he went to San Quentin. We both used to hang out in the same bar at 25th and Mission; so I used to see him there all the time. He was a night watchman at a little company, Chubbs. Then he got a civil service job as janitor for the city. Then he retired from there. Him and I never got married."   -Bill Hearne, 2003

  Bub never married but had a long-time lady friend, Flossie

  "Bub pulled the plug on himself in the Veterans Home [Yountville]. I put him up in the Veteran's home, he was pretty bad off. He was up there about three years. He had a tough time. He had suffered quite a bit. He asked to pull the plug and they called me so I was there when he passed away."  -Ed Hearne,2002

  Bub died on November 23, 1987 at the Veterans Home, Yountville, Napa, California and is buried at the Golden Gate National Cemetery at the Presidio in San Francisco. He never married.


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