Suki, Dennis, Karen, Ann, Mike, Ed & Bill Hearne - March 2007


Bill was born on April 2, 1918 in San Francisco, the youngest of Frank and Julia's nine children.

  Bill went to Noe Valley Elementary, and two others then to James Lick Junior High 7-9 th. Then Commerce High School 10-12 th. His favorite subject was History. He learned to type 100 WPM and take shorthand 100 WPM, but could only get a job as a truck driver out of high school.

Bill, ring bearer at Gene and Irene's wedding, 1925


Bill age 9 Bill and Eugene 1927 Bill, Sis and Eugene 1927
Bill with Margot Jehly 1929   Bill Gene & Gloria 1930
Ed, Bill & Sis  1928   Bill, his mother, Julia, Gloria Jehly & Eugene


Tess, Julia & Bill

This postcard was found by a good Samaritan, Jim Maya, at a flea market years ago in Ceres, California. He held onto it in hopes of finding its' owner, which he did when he came across this site and returned it in July, 2010. Thank you very much, Jim, for this contribution to our family heritage!


Memories of Bill Hearne

Bill and Ed bucked family tradition by joining The Native Sons Guadalupe Parlo2 #231.  The rest of the family was in the Twin Peaks Parlor (both women and men). They joined because most of the UPS employees belonged to the Guadalupe parlor.


I remember Jake Cashman; he was always in trouble; like me. I was the black sheep.

I’ve been here [ Sacramento] since 1984. I used to attend a lot of the sessions in Congress.

My mother died in 1949, the same year Melanie was born. I was working for the government in Atherton Washington and I had to fly down for the funeral. I was working the dredges. (We dredged the channels for the ships.) After my mother died I started drinking pretty heavy. After my mother’s funeral I never did go back [to the job]. Then I went teaming, I was a teamster. Then I broke my leg; in ’59 I broke my ankle. See, that’s why I can’t move that leg too well. I was off for two years and that’s when I really started drinkin’ and I started using dope and stuff mostly because I was bored, Then I went to work in a hotel; the El Capitan in the City on Mission Street between 19 th and 20 th. And I hung out at a bar at 18 th and Mission. And went with the owner of the bar, he needed someone to work up in King’s Beach; I went up there with him and I stayed there until 1983 when I retired.

Ilene and I [Bill’s friend who helped him get sober] worked in the clubs together; she was a blackjack dealer. Then I was working at the Nugget at Incline and I quit but I left my clothes there. In the meantime, the place burned down and all my clothes burned up and she bought me all new clothes. We’ve been together 22 years since then. She’s a wonderful woman. She was born in San Diego in 1949, I’m about 30 years older than her. She takes care of elderly people when she works; in Marin County. When she’s not working she comes up and stays with me; it’s platonic, though.

I never could win [at gambling]. The most I ever won was $900.00. Gambling is all there is to do up there, gambling and drink.

The only time I ever came back down was at Alice’s funeral. After my father died, we moved in with Alice, Ernie, Margot, Jack and Gloria. Gloria and her husband were heavy drinkers, too. Gloria and Eugene were more like a brother and sister to me because I was only 9 years older than your father. I was the ring bearer at Jackie’s wedding.

 Bill was best man at Bo and Ann’s wedding. He pretended he lost the ring when it was time. He remembered putting a pint in the orange juice at Verna and Ernie Gochez’ wedding.

When we [Ilene Tabor] (Bill’s friend) first came down [to Sacramento], we had a house together and she quit drinkin’ and I kept on drinkin’, so we separated. We couldn’t get along, we was fighting so. So I moved to the hotel and she moved to Florida, in the 80’s. She was down there about 3 or 4 years and I used to phone her every week. Then she come back up here. I quit [drinking] in 1987. See, I retired in 1983; I was 65 in 1983. I moved down here in 1984 then I lived with her about a year, then I moved to the hotel about 1986 or 87; I’ve been there ever since.

Bill quit drinking for good April 7, 1987. He had quit twice before for a year or so. He quit in 1987 after falling down a fight of stairs after drinking and that was that. He said the next 2 weeks were torture but he did it.

The biggest house we ever had was on Noe Street. It was three stories; a basement; my father and I lived in a room off the basement and there was two more floors and a big barn in the back; 1006 Noe. My sisters lived on the second floor. When Alice and Ernie got married they had a big double room, the whole width of the house. Alice and Ernie lived there then when Gloria was born, after she was about a year old, they moved across the street into a flat. Tessie and Al moved down the street. They made a bedroom out of the living room and my sister stayed there for a while when she got married. There were three bedrooms upstairs (third Story) where the boys were. After Ernie and Alice moved out Ed, Bowie and I moved in, there were three beds in there. Then when Bub come, he moved into the bigger room

Bill Hearne used to work for his brother-in-law, Eugene, at Robertson Drayage Co. in SF until Eugene got sick and had to stop work. He then worked for another company and in 1959 he was working up on a platform when a fork lift above him was about to spill a load. He jumped off to avoid being hit and landed on his ankle, shattering it. He was in the hospital several weeks as they had to fuse together his ankle and foot. He stayed with Eugene and Irene while recuperating. He was with Eugene in 1960 when he died of throat cancer. He left two weeks afterward because he did not want to drag anyone down with his drinking. He disappeared until Alice’s funeral in 1974 then disappeared again until he was found by Karen in July 2002.