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Rivers and streams are bodies of flowing water that move in one direction. They get their starts at headwaters, which may be springs, snowmelt or even lakes, and then travel all the way to their mouths, usually another water channel or the ocean


• Streams are fast flowing water bodies that originate in mountains because of rain water or melting glaciers.

• When two streams meet, the smaller one is called a tributary.

• The place, where many streams meet to form a large water body called river, is referred to as confluence.

• Streams are shallower than rivers.

• Streams are more turbulent and aggressive than rivers.

• Streams erode stones, sculpt the surface of the earth and carry the sediment into rivers that carry all the sediment into oceans and lakes.

• Streams flow within narrow banks while rivers flow within wider banks.

• Both streams and rivers have a current. It is because of this current that objects are dragged away with water if they fall in the water.

• There are different types of streams such as Headwater streams, Year-round Streams, Seasonal Streams, and Rain-dependent Streams.

• According to the Stream Order classification, a waterway that is between sixth order and twelfth order is considered a river.

• Since river is larger than a stream, it carries more debris



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