Habitats - Ecosysyems - Biomes

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A habitat is the environment in which a plant or animal naturally lives and grows. In its own habitat, the living thing can find food, water, shelter, and raise its young. A place where plants and animals live

An ecosystem is a community of plants and creatures, including the ways that they relate to each other and their environment.

A biome is a large geographic area with common climactic conditions and shared ecology as in a tropical rainforest, grassland, or desert.

For example:

A baby zebra’s

  • habitat is where the baby zebra and its family find food, water and shelter.

  • ecosystem is the area that the zebra shares with other members of its ecosystem community such as elephants, antelope, and lions.

  • biome is the warm, dry savannah grassland of Africa where the zebra lives.

A Boston squirrel’s

  • habitat are the particular trees and neighborhood where the squirrel finds food, water and shelter.

  • ecosystem is the urban (city) area that the squirrel shares with pigeons, rats, crows, cats, dogs and humans.

  • biome is New England, a large geographic area with shared climate patterns.