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Welcome to the B.E.C.L. Web Site!

BECL is a district-wide reading intervention program for first and second grade students.

This we site has been designed to provide information and resources for parents and activities for students.

Cotati-Rohnert Park School District has a reading program designed to help children who are experiencing difficulty learning to read.  This program, called Bringing Every Child to Literacy (B.E.C.L.), is based on research findings that early, high-quality assistance for children has the greatest potential for success.  After structured observation and diagnostic testing, identified children will begin a special instructional program before they develop poor habits and experience failure and loss of confidence.  A second focus of B.E.C.L. is to involve parents in practical ways to promote literacy at home with their children.  The need for parent involvement is based on recent research which demonstrates that parent participation is a MAJOR factor in the reading success or failure of students.



 Intensive tutoring for 30 minutes a day is provided by specially trained teachers to supplement classroom reading instruction.  The tutoring includes closely monitored reading and writing activities designed around individual student’s learning styles that build on students’ strengths.  Children move through a  lesson sequence that stresses: 

·            reading many interesting, familiar or patterned books

·            developing vocabulary using a variety of materials

·            composing and writing a story

·            producing and hearing phonemes


Learning is reinforced by sending home additional reading and writing activities that require communication between parent and child and the active participation of both.  The students will continue in the program until they are able to perform  satisfactorily in regular classroom reading instruction without extra help.



B.E.C.L. was developed by our district and draws from several early intervention programs: Success for All (Slavin), Right Start (Hiebert), and Reading Recovery (Clay).  Results from these programs demonstrate that 75 - 90 percent of children at risk of failure in reading are able to catch up with their peers and continue to make progress at average rates WHEN early intervention procedures are implemented.  The program’s basic design is enhanced through the addition of Marie Carbo’s research on reading styles and selected strategies from the Lindamood Auditory Discrimination in Depth program.


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